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Official Server Events are events run by staff — either admin or storytellers — that are a part of a larger quest or story series, and may be used to influence the entire server. Some events are small and personal, such as a god’s quest, while others are open to the entire server.

OSEs will be announced here, with details on who is running the event, where it will be held, who should attend, and it’s difficulty. After the event, the results of the event (if relevant) will be posted. Both Public and Personal quests are posted here. If there are any rules for that event, they will also be posted. YOU ARE ALWAYS REQUIRED TO FOLLOW THE EVENT RULES WHEN THEY ARE POSTED BY AN ADMIN, REGARDLESS OF IC OR OOC INFORMATION.

OSE’s have a TYPE — Personal or Public. Both types are posted publicly here; however, the primary difference is that a Personal event is one that was requested by a player or faction who needs some sort of admin intervention to pull it off. They can also be triggered by storytellers and admin.

OSE’s have DIFFICULTY LEVELS. It is EXTREMELY important that you pay attention to the DIFFICULT LEVEL listed in an announcement before you consider participating! Not doing so could mean losing more than you bargained for, and there will be NO reimbursements.


* WHITE * : Safe; these are almost always social events, and should have zero PvE dangers. PVP is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN – you MUST leave the area if you want to PVP. (EXAMPLE: Tavern Poetry Contest)

* GREEN * : Safe; these events are often social events. PvE dangers may be typical for the area the event is taking place in. PVP is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Prize levels for contests are fairly modest. (EXAMPLE: Trade Days)

* BLUE * : Normal; these events can be social or combat-based. PvE dangers may be higher than normal, meaning you may encounter stronger opponents than you normally would encounter in the wild. On occasion, staff-controlled dangers may appear. Story-driven PVP is allowed during these events, but you may not disrupt the underlying flow of the event itself. (EXAMPLE: Foot Races through the Wilderness)

* PURPLE * : Hard; these events can be social or combat-based. PvE dangers are expected to be high. There may be additional elements that will make these events difficult, such as a ban on mounts. Staff-controlled dangers may appear. Story-driven PVP is allowed during the events. (EXAMPLE: Personal Quests, Arena Events )

* YELLOW * : Hard; solo play is not recommended – bring a buddy or a team! You are at risk of losing strong dinos or equipment. PvP is allowed. (EXAMPLE: Hunting a Wyvern)

* RED * : Insane; these events are NOT solo-able. Faction, group, or alliance involvement is recommended. Staff-controlled dangers are likely. You are at high risk of losing strong dinos or equipment if you are not prepared. (EXAMPLE: Hunting the Alpha Wyvern)

* BLACK * : Unholy; these events are NOT solo-able. Large faction or alliance involvement is highly recommended. Staff-controlled dangers are very likely. You are at extreme risk of losing assets, including strong dinos, equipment or structures. You should ONLY participate in these events if you are ready. You have been warned. (EXAMPLE: Someone’s going to be butthurt.)

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