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Primal Dawn Mod Update

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Taming the Untamable

Whether or not a dino is tamable, and how, has been moved out of the ini files and hardcoded into the Primal Dawn Mod.

This week’s primary change adds egg-laying to all egg-laying wild dinos.  It isn’t very elegant, and is a simple drop chance when a female spawns.  She won’t even stick around to guard it.  (I’m working on that, but for now, eggs exist.)  You can steal these in order to hatch dinos that otherwise may not be tameable.

After the server goes through a testing phase, I’ll be able to adjust the rates to something suitable per each species.


Concerning Dragons

Wyvern eggs should no longer drop, but if they do, they are best used as sacrifices to the gods, or trade commodities.  They now require nothing short of dragonfire to hatch.

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