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These are one strike offenses.  These will get you suspended or banned without a warning.

  • Real life bigotry.
  • Sexual harassment; this includes “consensual” sexual discussions with minors.
  • Advertising other servers through any medium we provide; this includes servers for other games.
  • Intentionally causing harm to the community, server, website, or Discord. (DOS, cheating, baiting fights, etc)


These are rules governing our forum and Discord use.

  • Admin have the final word; if you are asked to stop, stop.
  • We expect all discussions to be carried on in good faith; that is, for mutual fun, enjoyment, and interest.
  • Please try to peaceably resolve conflicts before contacting a mod or admin.
  • Be mindful of our IC-OOC barrier rules:
    • IC meta may only be discussed if the event has been concluded for at least 24 hours.
    • If the owner of a character asks you to remove meta information concerning that character, you must do so.  If you are not sure how to remove forum or Discord submissions, reach out to an admin for help.
    • Please use appropriate Discord channels when you need to cross the “barrier”:
      • #character-planningActive recruiting (OOC) is only permitted here prior to the creation of characters, when you would need to get together with others to create a shared background or faction, such as a family.  (“Anyone want to RP two brothers?”)Passive recruiting through “Lore” postings are allowed here for pre-existing factions and characters.  An example is a post written to be IC, but is something a character might learn in the virtual background.  “A notice has been left up behind the bar in the Howling Wolf Inn…” would be acceptable, but “Will anyone join my tribe?” is not.  When making lore announcements, you cannot God-mode or force people to receive your message.
      • #trading – Lore postings only; You may post hiring, looking-for-work, or trade postings here.  You should include what it is you want and how to contact you ICly, and how the message would have been heard.  (“There is a recruiting poster in the inn in Grimshade.”)  Do NOT conduct full trade discussions in the channel; you are to do all questions and trading ICly in-game, but you can post play-times and locations to arrange RP.
      • #events – RP event announcements; you may freely post in events.  It is recommended that you post how characters will have heard of the event, and who is expected or allowed to attend.  Please remember to always include a date, time, and timezone in your posts.  If you are running a major event or an event that may include combat, it is extremely recommended that you include one of our Event Color Ratings.  You may also use the #events channel to reach out to characters that you want to arrange an RP time with.


General Character Rules

  • All characters must fit in with and adhere to our server’s theme.
  • Physical appearances must have realistic proportions and must fit in with your character’s race.
  • You should choose a name that is race and theme-appropriate.
  • You may not run serial characters — i.e, you cannot play the same character over and over, and you should not play dynasty characters that are related to previous ones.
  • If you would like to play a custom race, please talk to an admin to work out the details!
  • You must post a Character Bio on the forums, detailing your character’s backstory, likes/dislikes, etc.  This information is OOC and is considered “meta.

 Rerolling and Retiring

  • If you are unknown:  You may reroll immediately.  Remember to post your new Char Bio once you have decided on a character.
  • If you are involved in a plot:  You must made a good-faith effort to resolve the plot.  Reach out to the involved players or to an admin for assistance.
  • If you wish to “retire” a role:  You can temporarily retire a character so that you may occupy a different role (for instance, to take part as an NPC in an event, or to play a supporting character).  You MUST contact an admin for approval and help.  We will consider any character that has been rerolled without approval under this rule to be dead, and will not help you recover anything you’ve lost as a result.

AT NO POINT WHAT-SO-EVER should you ever transfer ownership of items, gold, structures, or dinos to your new character, or share “meta” information between characters.  Do not try to hide caches or transfer to another player to “hold” for you.  We are not stupid.

You may not rejoin a group or faction that your previous character was involved in without a significant IC reason; you also may NOT re-assume a role in those factions that your previous character held.


General PVP

Make sure you understand Event Rules and Permadeath Rules before engaging in any form of PVP.  These special rules take precedence over general PVP rules.  Make certain you know how to recognize an event where PVP is not allowed.  If in doubt, always ask an admin or mentor!

These rules are meant to govern your average, everyday PVP encounter in the open world or in public spaces; PvP that occurs inside of private bases is considered raiding is governed by different rules!!!

  • Fort Grimshade and the Arena of the Gods are the ONLY PvE regions on the server.  You may not engage in PvP inside these areas outside of special events where it will be allowed.  This protection ends immediately outside the palisades and gates.
  • Death:  Death is real, and all characters are mortal.  Please avoid discussing PvP in terms of death; if you run around yelling that So-and-So killed you, you may look like a crazy person.  It is perfectly acceptable to assume that a virtual NPC rescued you from the wastes if you have been PvP’d, or that you made it back to your base after being “left for dead.”
  • KOS:  KOS is allowed, with reasonable RP and pretext.  You may use traps, but you must RP their use.  (You can’t set a bear trap then rush out and just start slaughtering everyone.)  You will be restricted from KOS if you are found to be abusing it.
  • Sportmanship:  Be a good sport; do not abuse game mechanics in an unnatural way to win in PVP.  This includes abusing alliance settings, or targeting players while they are clearly rubberbanding or disconnecting.
  • Looting Your Body:  You are not to return to the area of PVP for 10 minutes.  You have been seriously injured!  Bodies do not decay for an extended period of time, so you can recover your bag after the 10 minutes is up.  If you choose to recover your body, do so and immediately leave the area without re-engaging PvP.
  • Looting Players:  When you PVP, you may loot one item or stack of items from a player corpse.  You are to leave corpses where they fall; DO NOT dump or guard a bag; you must allow players to return to their bag, and they must be allowed to leave the area afterward.  It is highly encouraged that you leave the area to avoid problems.  If you find a body, and you were not involved in the kill, DO NOT LOOT IT.
  • Griefing Tames:  Do not “stealth grief” tames, ever.  Accidents happen, but if your intent is to stop a character from completing a tame, then you need to drive the character away and kill the tame, or make sure that you leave some sort of IC signature to identify yourself.
  • Looting Dinos:  If you kill a dino in open world PVP, there are no limits to looting it.  You can freely loot any dead dino you find.  You may also loot unconscious dinos.
  • Killing Dinos: You may kill a player’s mount in open-world PVP; however, you should avoid killing passive shoulder mounts and additional caravan dinos.  If you want to loot these dinos, it is recommended that you tranq them or, better yet, avoid killing the leading player altogether and mug them instead.  The spirit behind this is that we want to allow you to kill dinos in PVP, but we also don’t want you indiscriminately wiping out entire trade/peaceful caravans for shits and giggles.  Please play to the spirit of the server, or we will look into tighter PVP rules.
    • Caravan dinos are considered passive dinos of the following types:  parasaurs, horses, camelsaurs.
    • Carnivores, war dinos, dimo swarms are not considered caravan dinos.


PvP over or inside a private base is considered raiding.  If you are raiding as part of a war, or in preparation of war, make absolutely certain that you understand our war and wardec rules before initiating a raid; those rule sets can modify the normal raiding rules.

What is a raid?  A raid is intended to be a surgical strike or burglary; it is a small scale event.  As a result, you should not engage in rampant destruction just because you can.

  • One Way In, One Way Out:  If you break down a door to get in, you cannot break down another door to get back out; do not attempt to knock down entire walls when you can gain access to an area by going through a door.  Take reasonable, logical paths through a base.  You may NOT flank a base, or try to brute force your way through a dino barn when there’s clearly an easy-to-reach door somewhere else.
  • Offline Raiding:  Offline raiding is not permitted without admin approval.  Admin approval is given only when a player has made multiple reasonable attempts to engage a raid with the other person online, but cannot due to OOC circumstances.  Examples include combat-logging, intentionally and repeatedly logging off when the aggressor signs online, or the player has not logged in for at least two weeks.
  • Meta Response:  You may not abruptly end RP just so you can race across the map if you notice that you are being raided.  You should gracefully end your RP session before returning home to defend.  If we find people are suddenly aborting events or conversations, we will go out of our way to disable the dino death notifications.
  • Alliance Abuse: Abusing alliance mechanics will absolutely not be tolerated.  Before initiating a raid, you MUST leave the alliance that connects you with the player you are raiding.
  • Never Anonymous:  If you raid a base, you may not do so anonymously.  If you are not caught by the player, you should leave a note or some other clue that can be used to discover the identity of the culprit.  It does not have to be obvious.  If you leave clues or notes that try to frame another player or faction, you must do so in a way that provides hints to the real culprit.
  • Killing Dinos: You may kill dinos which are aggressive/neutral and can actively attack or reach you.  You may also kill passive dinos that are being used to block a path or container (ALWAYS screenshot before killing).  You may also kill any dino that is being used to actively defend the base (such as a defender’s mount).  You can tranq ANY dino, regardless of whether it is passive or not, to access their loot or saddle.  You may not break into separate pens that are not on your “entry/exit path” for the express purpose of mass-killing a bunch of dinos.  Note:  If you are raiding a base with the purpose of killing a specific single dino, please RP it; you should also alert an admin to your intentions and attempt to be as surgical as possible.  You can, for example, kill Bob’s prized breeding stallion, but you can’t break into the barn and slaughter every single one of the horses around said stallion just because they’re on neutral.  Be smart.
  • Loot Rules:  You may only take what you can carry on your character.  If you raided as a group, each player can fill their inventory.  You may NOT make multiple trips to continue looting!  If you find a post-raided structure, this rule also applies (don’t be a greedy scavenger).
  • Looting Blueprints:  You may only ever take one blueprint per character per raid.
  • Dumps and Unlocked Containers:  NEVER EVER dump containers on the ground or destroy unlocked containers.  If you destroy a locked container and it contains more than you can hold/want, please make a good faith effort to distribute the loot you don’t want into other containers.  Please keep this is mind when designing your base!!!  Do not lock all of your containers, and do not overload locked containers in such a way that they cannot be searched without losing all of the contents.
  • CRITICAL NOTICE:  If you break a locked container with blueprints, and cannot distribute the blueprints to unlocked containers, you must screenshot them and contact an admin or moderator on Discord.  If one is not available, pick them up and leave them in a PIN-coded box outside the raided base.  Name the box “ADMIN PROTECTED” and PM the coords and PIN to a staff member.


Please refer to our official server guide on events:

Official Server Events may have rule exceptions that will override the rules posted here; when this happens, it will be clearly stated long before the event runs.  All Official Server Events will also have a difficulty Color Code, explained in the above guide.

Declaring War

To declare war, you must:

  • Be a part of a faction that is of a type allowed to declare war.
  • Be declaring war against a party that you are allowed to declare war against.
  • Have a significant IC reason to declare war.
  • Have not declared war within the past 1 week.
  • Have the wardec approved by an admin.

When declaring, you must post a notice in #events of your intention, and make a post on the forums under War Declaration.  Your post must include:

  • The faction that you are declaring war against;
  • The terms of the engagement;
  • The stakes, or “prize” for winning;
  • The terms of surrender;
  • The time limit.

Terms of surrender and engagement must be reasonable for the admin to approve the war dec.

A time limit is required.  If the war has not concluded by the time the time limit is reached, it is considered a draw and factions will be required to truce.  After 1 week, a new war dec can be declared.  If no time limit is provided, it will default to two weeks.

Waging War

For a war to begin, the wardec must be approved by an admin.  Any alliances between involved parties MUST be ended before admin approval will be given. (This includes “allies of allies” on opposite sides of the war – choose your side or do not participate.)

War begins 48 hours after admin approval is given. During this 48-hour period, you may not raid any involved parties, and you may not deploy or build any FOBs.  You may continue to perform open-world PVP according to general PVP rules.  The defending party may surrender during the 48 hour period.

  • At any time, the defending party may surrender according to the surrender terms.  This will cause an immediate end to the war; surrender must be accepted by the attacking faction.
  • At any time, the defending party can offer surrender not according to the surrender terms; the attacking faction can choose to accept these terms.  If they do so, it causes an immediate end to the war.  Subterfuge while offering/accepting surrender terms will NOT be tolerated. (i.e, saying you accept, but attacking anyway, or saying you want to offer surrender, but launch a Trojan attack)
  • Base wiping is NOT allowed, unless it was accepted as part of the war dec.  This protection is for main bases only and does NOT extend to FOBs, random dino pens, or satellite bases scattered around the world.  This protection is void if the main defender’s base is inside of an attacker’s established territory.
  • War raids must be conducted ONLINE.
  • War raids must observe a 2-to-1 rule unless otherwise noted.  You cannot attack a defender with a ratio greater than 2 attackers for every 1 defenders, which includes allies.  Larger battles with over 10 total players will revert to a 3-to-2 rule by default.  These rules can be overridden with the defender’s consent only.  These rules remain active if the tide of war changes, and the defender launches a counter-raid — they can only take as many attackers with them as the ratio will allow.  Extra players may be online but cannot participate directly in the fight.
  • KOS is fully allowed against any party during an active conflict, and being KOS’d while riding straight through a war zone will not be grounds for your own war-dec or drama.  If you want to observe a war, make sure that you do so at a distance or from a safe location.  If you are KOS’d in the middle of a war zone, be aware that loot rules for your body are governed by the war, NOT by general PVP rules.
  • Looting:  Speaking of loot rules, there are no loot rules.  You may take anything from anyone during a war event, and may loot a captured base as you see fit.  This includes blueprints.


You may take a prisoner when there is a sufficient IC reason to do.  You do NOT need to have a declaration of war to take a prisoner; however, taking prisoners can be a sufficient reason to declare war against you.

When taking prisoners:

  • You may not kill your prisoner.  If you cannot handle keeping a prisoner alive, you should release them.
  • The maximum amount of time that you may keep a prisoner is 48 hours (including offline hours).
    • After 48 hours, you must release your prisoner or allow them to escape.
  • You may not perma-tranq a prisoner.  This is zero fun.  You may knock out a player for no more than ten minutes, during which time you can transport them or ensure that they are secured in other ways (such as a cage or in handcuffs).  If you are not ready to handle a prisoner, do not take a prisoner.
  • If you are raiding, you may take any defenders prisoner; however, you should release them ICly or provide a way for them to escape their cage after the raid is complete.
  • Please do not leave prisoners with nothing to do for hours on end.  This sucks ass, and we do not want our game to suck ass.  If you are intent on keeping a prisoner for the full 48 hours, you should make sure they are involved in a plot and there are ample opportunities to RP.  Please consider the player that is controlling the character that you are holding prisoner when making decisions.

When taken as prisoner:

  • Do not intentionally commit suicide.
  • Do not attempt bullshit escape maneuvers, such as eating your own poo, jumping around like a jackass, or repeatedly logging out and in to try and phase through a cage.  The latter is considered mechanics abuse and will trigger admin intervention.
  • Do not blast sounds or non-IC stuff through your mic.
  • Please try to play along and be a good sport.  Because prisoner-takers are encouraged to treat you with dignity, you are encouraged to behave in a way that doesn’t make fun-destroying mechanics like perma-tranqing a necessity.


All of the prisoner limitations can be exempted if both parties consent.  For example, two players can cooperate to create a storyline where one takes the other prisoner and turns them into a slave.  In this case, they can ignore the 48 hour prisoner limit; however, the onus is on the participating players to make sure that their RP remains fun.



Capturing Dinos

During war, you can capture enemy dinos.  To do so, you must:

  • You MUST hold the dino hostage for 48 hours to take possession, with any attempts to rescue the dino failing.
  • The defenders may agree to abandon the dino or the structure it is contained in prior to the 48 hour timer.
  • Captured dinos must be returned to their defenders if their return is a part of the surrender terms, and the defender surrenders.
  • Captured dinos may never be used during the war in which they were captured.
  • Dinos that have been 100% imprinted may never be captured; these dinos are too loyal to their owners.



  • Spamming of foundations and pillars is strictly forbidden.  You may NOT claim land by spamming.
  • You may not block off areas of interest, such as the entrance to caves or canyons, or make it unduly difficult to access certain areas of the game.
  • Do not attempt to cover, claim, or block off springs that you are not building a base near — this includes springs that may be in your land claim.
  • Do NOT abuse clipping.  You are allowed to clip structures so that you can build interesting, realistic structures.
  • Structures should be realistic and thematic.  (No ugly boxes, please.)

Base Building

  • You may only have one main base for your faction.
  • Auxillary bases or personal character homes should be small, and get no special protections.  They may not be defended with Plant-X.
  • “PVP building” is not allowed — do not stack foundations or build double/triple walls for the purpose of defense.
  • Please avoid “base sprawl” or “megaconstructions.”  Please do not build structures that cannot be rendered in all at once.
  • You may not build in any location that cannot be sieged from the ground.  This includes on top of the shield walls, on inaccessible, high mesas, or in caves that cannot be accessed by dinos.  If you choose to build in a location that is “unraidable”, you will be asked to move.

Base Defenses

  • Personal character homes and auxillary bases (ex: a mining base) cannot have Plant-X or any large siege defense weapon, such as a ballista.
  • The amount of Plant-X that you can have will be determined by the size and type of your tribe.

All mortals die.  Thematically, death is always a looming threat for your character, and therefore should not be taken lightly.  Talking about how you were recently killed by a bandit or a raptor may get you a lot of concerned looks.

Permadeath is an enforced, strictly-regulated roleplay mechanic on our server.  It is a special event that must be approved before-hand by admin, and it is meant to be used to drive important storylines around central or noteworthy characters.  


    • Your character is DEAD.  You must reroll; you may respawn with an admin to tie up loose ends (such as transfering tribe ownership) if necessary.

    • Keep the following in mind:
      • All permadeath requests require an admin approver.
      • All permadeaths require a specific event (story, raid, execution, etc).
      • All permadeath events are a two-way street.
      • All permadeath approvals have an expiration date!
    • Step 1, PRE-APPROVAL:
      • You must contact an admin in Discord for initial approval.
      • During this stage, you will need to explain what you plan to do and why.
    • Step 2, POST-APPROVAL:
      • Make an OOC announcement in Discord’s #event channel with the approving admin’s name and target’s name, the set expiration, and any conditions by the admin.
      • Make an OOC/Lore forum post with the same information.
      • There is a 48 hour waiting period, beginning when both actions are complete.
    • Step 3, WAITING PERIOD:
      • You may NOT initiate any hostile action towards your target’s base during the 48 hours.  This rule supercedes an active war, so it is advised that you do not war-dec until AFTER the 48-horu period is up.
      • You may NOT capture or hold prisoner your target during the 48 hours.
      • You MAY defend against raids.
      • You MAY participate in public events which allow PVP with your target (such as arena events).
      • You MAY participate in OPEN GROUND PVP with your target, but you must follow all normal PVP rules.
      • You must complete your event BEFORE the expiration date (given by the approving admin, typically 2 weeks).
      • At the start of the actual event where you intend to do the killing, you must notify the player of the character you are targeting AND an overseeing admin.  You may do this OOCly via Discord, but they MUST be online and able to acknowledge receipt.
      • You MUST record the event with VIDEO, not screenshots.  If you cannot, you MUST have a supervising admin or storymaster present for the entire duration of the event.  Not doing either makes the permadeath request invalid.
      • You MUST make a good-faith effort to make the event fun for all participants.  Showing up to some wood hut with 100 allosaurs “because I can” will be deeply frowned on and may invalidate your event.  Running in and slaughtering your target with zero RP, or killing them while they are asleep, idle, or having obvious technical issues will also invalidate the event.
      • Only YOU can kill the target.  If you PVP other characters, they can respawn as normal.
      • Permadeath during your event is a two-way street.  Your target, now knowing who you are, may kill you.  Same rules for the event that apply to you will also apply to them.  If you are captured, you may be executed by your target.  Like you, they are expected to roleplay at all times.
    • Step 5, POST EVENT:
      • If you were killed by your target, you must reroll, just like your target would have.
      • If the event was unsuccessful, and neither character was killed, your approval expires at the end of the attempted event.
      • If the event needed to be rescheduled for OOC reasons, note this.  (Notify your approver as well.)
    If it is determined that a player is combat logging (or refusing to log in altogether), the approval for the permadeath event will be extended or there may be admin intervention.  Cheating, abusing game mechanics, offering impossible odds, or otherwise trying to use this mechanic outside the spirit of our server will result in the approval for your event being cancelled and possible other consequences.
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